We understand the critical role that employee benefits play in attracting employees and maximizing tax savings.

Our clients expect their employee benefit plans to (i) attract and retain high performing employees and executives; (ii) take advantage of important tax savings opportunities; and (iii) comply with the array of federal and state laws to the extent applicable to its plans. They also want to minimize the costs and potential liabilities that can be associated with the sponsorship of employee benefit plans (such as litigation risk as well as governmental compliance initiatives).

We advise our clients with regard to the technical rules that govern employee benefits, but we also provide practical guidance that comes from years of experience in advising employers of all sizes as to the advantages and disadvantages of their benefits-related business decisions. We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Qualified retirement plans (including 401(k)’s, profit sharing plans, defined benefit plans, cash balance plans, ESOPs, money purchase pension plans)

  • ERISA litigation

  • Health plans (including consumer driven health arrangements such as Health Savings Accounts)

  • Cafeteria plans (including flexible spending arrangements)

  • Executive compensation

  • Stock based compensation plans

  • ERISA’s fiduciary provisions

  • Representation before the IRS (including voluntary compliance programs with the IRS)

  • Early Retirement Incentive Programs

  • Retiree Medical

  • COBRA compliance

  • HIPAA's portability, nondiscrimination and privacy rules

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