At Paisner Litvin Hauser, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and practices regarding billing.


Quality Standards

What “Quality” Means To Us
We are strategic, aggressive and enthusiastic. We develop strategies--in conjunction with our clients--to ensure that their objectives are attained. And we find creative solutions to allow our clients to run their businesses as they see fit. Unlike many law firms, we don’t tell clients why they can’t do what they want; we figure out to use the law to achieve their ends.

Client Contact
Large law firms often treat clients as possessions to be collected, not people to be served. We are always available to our clients. Day or night. Every client has our cell phone numbers and can reach us at any time.

Our Approach With Adversaries
We are as cooperative–or as aggressive–as the situation warrants. In dealing with potential adversaries, a cooperative approach is often mutually beneficial to the parties involved. In fact, we have close working relationships with many union officials and their counsel as well as labor arbitrators, who know and respect us. But when diplomacy fails, we will plot the strategy and lead the battle.

Legal Research
As experienced labor and benefits attorneys, in most cases we are able to provide clients with advice without costly research. When research is necessary, we make sure our clients get the right answer and that the research is performed completely and efficiently. We have the full array of research resources, including computerized and non-computerized legal research tools.

Billing Practices

Our Approach To Billing
At Paisner Litvin Hauser, we pledge competent and efficient handling of all matters at a reasonable cost. Every effort is made to control overhead and expenditures. We never run up fees or unnecessarily “work” cases. Instead, we resolve issues as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

What Makes Us Cost-Effective
We are experienced in our fields and can often provide legal advice without unnecessary and extensive legal research. If you ask about the rules governing employer conduct in union elections, for example, you won’t see a bill for 60 hours of research by a first-year associate at $200/hour who spent the first six hours researching the definition of “threat.” Instead, you will get prompt, experienced advice.

What Makes Many Law Firms So Expensive?
Overpaid lawyers. Unnecessary research. Double and triple-teaming cases that are better handled by a single competent attorney. Wasteful law firm overhead, including lavish offices and deadwood lawyers. There seldom is legitimate justification for such exorbitant rates. With us, you pay for efficient and strategic handling of cases without the wasteful overhead.

Pass-Through Costs
At Paisner Litvin Hauser, we seek to minimize pass-through costs to clients. We do not charge clients for phone calls, faxes, word processing, billing, or routine copying and postage. We only charge for copying when we incur significant costs connected with exhibits and the like, and for postage on overnight or express items. In other words, unlike most law firms, we don’t nickel and dime our clients.

How Do We Set Our Rates
We make sure our rates are substantially below those of our competitors. We hold billing discussions with clients before the performance of work and we welcome continuing dialogue with clients on all matters related to billing.

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